We are all but butterflies in the garden of life 🦋

Sandalene Dale Roberts shares her inspiration behind The Shortmarket Club butterflies

“I have a very close connection to them. I feel as though I’m connected to people who have passed away through butterflies, and they are my special, most beautiful connection to nature. I always feel protected when they’re around me wherever I am. It’s odd, but butterflies seem to always gravitate towards me.

Friends will always say, “Oh, my goodness, there’s a butterfly! Can you actually believe it? There aren’t butterflies anywhere else, but there’s one”. They just always seem to be where I am and I love them! This is why I’ve brought them into my work with me, initially with my fashion label and then with The Shortmarket Club.

In The Shortmarket Club logo the butterfly represents myself in the partnership. Everywhere I go, I try to do a butterfly feature like I did in Cape Town where someone took all our old blueprints, did a wash of color and then burnt out each butterfly individually. A lot of people used to go there just to look at that.”