On the 10th of November 2020 Luke Dale Roberts will once again open the doors to what was formerly The Shortmarket Club, renamed and reconceived as “The Shortmarket Grill”.


The Shortmarket Club, an inimitable stalwart of its namesake street in the Cape Town city centre, had steadily grown in reputation as one of the most highly regarded restaurants in the country. However, the forced closure of restaurants and subsequent change in the wants, needs and indeed requirements of fine-dining patrons has again forced Luke and his team to evolve and adapt to shifting demands.


It is with these considerations that Luke will launch “The Shortmarket Grill”, an upmarket, brasserie-styled menu that lends itself seamlessly to the venue, décor, and location. Prior to the original launch of the Shortmarket Club in 2016, this very concept had been considered but ultimately a different direction was taken. Now that the opportunity has arisen to explore a new, yet conversely established idea within the Luke Dale Roberts group of restaurants, the LDR team is meeting the challenge with the same philosophy of quality and detail as is applied to everything under the LDR umbrella.


“I think there is an opportunity for a no frills, honest grill. ‘The Shortmarket Grill’ will fit in well with our cluster of restaurants and offer diners a comforting experience in a lavish environment”, says Luke.